Jun. 22nd, 2010

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[Conan is standing, by a tree, holding a laptop that's playing this lovely video. However, he's not looking at the screen. Instead, he's focused on a Weeping Angel statue standing in front of him. He's staring at it, looking a bit disturbed, but he's not looking away.]

You moved...I saw it. You were farther away before, but then you weren't.

[Slowly stepping backwards.]

In only a second, a statue your size, it shouldn't be possible...
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[ Alice never really uses her laptop, but she's gotten the idea that shit's going down.

... She's also poking her head out of the blimp and venturing out carefully. ]

Um... Crow-niichan, Maka-oneechan, Blair... anybody? The lights are acting really weird. And I can't find Zeke, either.
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[ Jay can be found outside of the mansion, scanning the forest for anyone in the area. ]

[ It's more quiet than usual. ]

Is anyone around?

... What does it mean? By not blinking? Even if we try not to, I doubt we'll be able to for long.

Well, if someone wants, you can stay in the mansion for now. It's safer than those flimsy huts.
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[There will be a blond magician firing blue glowing chains out from his hands and having them wrapping on wooden posts around his tent with the exception of one gap for an entrance and exit.] There. That should suffice for a low grade fence barrier for the time being.

I was wondering where that man had went all this time. So he went a warning about not blinking when near these 'lonely assassins' that likes to cover their eyes... and here I had thought there was no way possible for any sort of communication was able to be contacted to this island.

[looking down at the laptop just sitting neatly next to the tent's entrance.] 'Blink and you're dead', is it? And here I was under the assumption that angels were more of a benevolent sort of species. No matter, rock may not be able to die but it can be broken and damaged. We'll just see how things go if it gets to that. And did he have to say wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey? I'm not sure to either be amused or insulted by it.

Hm. Now that this place is secure for now, I suppose I could lend some service to others if they need it.


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