May. 14th, 2010

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Man, you guys look tired! Okay, snap out of it and wake up, I know half of you probably dropped by a coffee place before you came here anyway. We're gonna wake you up the easy way. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a few laps around the track.

-- By a few, I mean five. First one to finish all five laps gets extra credit! After that, we're moving onto squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. Come on, come on, let's see some hustle out there!

[ ooc; okay so you know the very unlucky people who get Gym as their first class in the morning? THAT UNLUCKY CHARACTER IS YOURS. This is also a kick-start to the High School Event so GO GO GO. ]
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[ While you middle/high-schoolers are attending classes, from time to time a little girl will be poking her head into the various classrooms. And seemingly not finding what she's looking for. ]

Daddy's class should be around here... but I don't remember what Oniichan's in right now.

--! But maybe Daddy will know! [ and yes, she is making a beeline for the Sex Ed Room. ]

((For the record, "Daddy" is Haru and "Oniichan" is Leo-- though Alice has probably done this before, so feel to recognize her and she'll do the same for you.))
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*Today as some classes begin to wind down, one (1) Minato Arisato is cruising down the halls. Where is he going? That is the dilemma of the day*

Hmm... Should I go to kendo first? It's always hard to pick when someone doesn't invite me right after class... Mm... I guess I'll just see what's happening which each of them.

(( Club mingling post! Just say which club you're making a thread for if it isn't obvious, and feel free to just jump Minato instead. ))
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[Whether you came here on your own or a teacher forced you here, it's time for a meeting with the School Guidance Counselor!]

Well hiya! It's nice to see you again. Have a seat, I've got all day.

[he loves you all, he really does. But he knows there are bad apples here. Don't make him pull out the keyblade paddle.]

I'm all ears! What're you here for?
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[No, she doesn't go to this school. No one sure WHERE she goes or where she came from, but she seems to disappear anytime anyone tries to find out. She also uses this odd trait to sneak into various classes and take notes in the back hidden in some nook or behind a desk or something.

On the plus side, she does errands and finds stuff! For the right price. Which may or may not be cash, depends what you have to offer.]

((OOC: Want her to do something for a character, or just happen to see her somewhere, like in those classes, all is open. Just give some indication of location of where you found her.))
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[So you're on your way to class or to a club until you hear various blood-curling screams along with the sounds of rock and glass breaking. When you decide to gather up your courage to see what's going on...]

It's as if you've wandered into hell. )

Those shitheads should know better than to jump me like that. Now where was I going again...?


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