May. 8th, 2010

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At least it's all over now, right?

Right. And I'm supposed to be smiling since everything's been solved already. I won.

Why do I feel like crying?

[You might just hear someone punching your front door, or something to that effect. If you check outside, there will be one (1) Ayumu looking very downcast, about to cry. Stuff like that.]

When did it start raining?

[ooc; Ayumu has been canon-updated to the end of the manga's main story! Just right before the epilogue. Nothing important has changed, but he's... going be really emo for now but will cheer up sooner or later. Most likely later.]
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I can't let myself get stuck like this... they've only just began the mission, and if I spend any more time away from Shinigami-sama, I'll get transferred out for sure... or worse, or--

[ Someone is stumbling out of the forest looking very roughed up! Kind of like he's been wandering around all day! ]

--I've got it! I'll start a fire on the beach, I can use my jacket for smoke signals, and...

[ CRACKBOOM. The thunder rolls and the rain starts pouring again. Heavily.

This is the image of a broken man. ]
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Guys, this is a very serious and innocent question, and I don't want anyone freaking out over it. I mean no harm. Really. Just answer yes or no, and then be on your way. Okay? Okay.

Is anyone missing blue polka dot panties? I found some earlier.


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