Mar. 21st, 2010

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[It's a nice night out. You might be out for a stroll, you might be stargazing. Or you might be honing your skills and practicing your swordsmanship and other skills, like Guy Cecil is.]

Demon Fang!

Crescent Strike!

Tiger Bla--

[And if you're Guy Cecil, you also might be getting a can of this weekend's new spray tossed right in the line of fire, causing the contents to splash all over you in an oh so high dosage.]

What was that? Came out of nowhere, and now I'm covered in... Something. Smells kind of weird too. Maybe it was a fruit?

... Oh well, back to work. I'll wash it off later.

Demon Fang!
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Ah, look! An area where we've all somehow gathered together during an event where close proximity can only end badly!

Well, I've got something to watch for the next few hours.

[ ooc; Ignore the Ling, here is your spam post for the event! ]
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[So Crow, feeling bored, decided today would be a good day to go exploring (safe exploring, mind you) all by himself, and is creeping around somewhere. Somewhere near YOU. He also, prior to this, rolled over a conveniently placed spray can placed in his bed while waking up from a nap and therefore doesn't even know he was sprayed! Woops.]

Seems kinda quiet out. Almost too quiet.

... Hah, who'm I kidding? Everybody's probably partying somewhere or something. Makes this a hell of a lot easier for me, anyway.

14th Sense

Mar. 21st, 2010 07:42 pm
pedokinesis: (Here's to your impending demise!)
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Well, now that I've inherited it from my bewitching former hostess...

Who wants to live in a fully furnished mansion? I'm open to almost all interested parties! Just keep in mind that if you bore me, I'll ditch you ten feet underground. Or out over some shark infested waters. Oh yes, if there is anyone with psychic powers hiding from me, you can gain instant access. ♥


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