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Mar. 13th, 2010 02:26 am
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[There’s a spot where everything has been totally soaked by some strange, unsavory liquid. If you come close you may notice a male idol who’s completely soaked and also very naked – save his socks, which he’s just about to take off.]

Well, that was a close one.

((ooc: Chara-intro, redone because I really didn't like the first one. DX Sorry, please bear with me!))

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[if you're somewhere near the hot springs, you may hear some ruckus! There is one (1) Sheryl Nome in only a towel chasing a very muddy monkey! Thing is, this monkey is not being chased because it is dirty! It is being chased because in one of its paws is holding a pink panty *w*]

GET BACK HERE, you monkey! I'll teach you to mess with the great Sheryl Nome!

[please send help]
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[ Setting: Beach. Yuki is sitting before the ocean, skipping stones across the water...basking in his own, internal angst-fest. Your reaction?

A.) "My, what a beautiful girl! A damsel such as this would look so much better with a smile on her face. I'll save her!"
B.) "Not my problem... /walks away"
C.) "OW! What the hell are you doing hitting me with a rock?!"
D.) "Yuki? Is something wrong?"
E.) None of the above. ]
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[Radu and Dietrich are sort of wandering around as they look for other people. Why? Dietrich needs a new supply of sharp, pointy things to do less than ethical things with. It's like asking to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors, really!]

It was so kind of you to volunteer your help, Radu. I really do appreciate it! The knives I have are already really dull from trying to cook here...Ah, I'm afraid I don't have much talent for it when it's not already partially repaired. Hopefully someone is kind enough to not mind parting with a set.

I personally would never have associated you with such a hobby. It is somewhat doubtful that anyone will have extras available.

I suppose I am being a bit too optimistic. I could offer to trade something for them, but I imagine there's little that I can do that others would be interested in. But, I wouldn't call it a hobby either, honestly. It's more like something necessary.

Does the food here not suit your taste, Dietrich? I hope nothing is hindering your adaptive abilities since situations can change as easily as one would clothes.

Not particularly. I have sensitive tastes, so it really is easier to just cook my own meals. Wouldn't that be more like complimenting my adaptive abilities?

Perhaps. Do make sure you that you do not confuse your cooking utensils with... other equipment.

[just smiles] I'll take it into consideration, but I would never be so careless.

((ooc: Radu and Dietrich will be tagging separately!))


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