Mar. 7th, 2010

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Aha, it's amazing how many people were brought here all of a sudden, huh? I remember a little bit from last year, but I didn't really talk to anyone...

I wonder... I probably shouldn't get my hopes up too much, right? Ahaha...

Oh, right! Back to practicing...

Ah, dear God, do me a favor,
Please give us our own dream time
Hugging my favorite bunny, I say good night, too, tonight ♪

[somewhere by the cliffs, practicing a song she learned from Azunyan. PLEASE COME BOTHER HER ♥]
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Hmmph! Not here either… Well then, guess it can't be helped.

"Meikyou Shisui Sakura"


…If he doesn’t react to that he’s either dead or gone.

((I hope you don’t mind big things made of fire because here you have one(1) huge pillar of fire that looks suspiciously like a moving snake/dragon coming your way which is originating from a huge sake cup which is held by a calm looking old man.))

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[ You've probably seen this ponytailed girl running around since yesterday, but she doesn't look as though she's found what she's been looking for yet. If anything, she just looks frustrated. ]

You'd think for being a detective, he'd at least be able to find his childhood friend-- and if he's lost, he really needs some work, but... are you seriously telling me that, out of all the worlds here, there isn't anyone else from mine besides me and Kaito-kun? I'm having better luck with guys who play card games...

Heiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! If you're here, you'd better let me know!!!

((I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE, DETECTIVE CONAN/MAGIC KAITO PEEPS. Though really, anyone's welcome! Edit: Kaito-mun went to bed, so will resume tags at a later date. You guys are amazing. XD))
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Attention everyone, newcomers and old inhabitants alike! The prosecution is ready to rock, and we are going to make sure that the defendant knows what's coming at him.

-- That's he's got bad hair.

What does the defense have to say about that?

Oi, oi. It can't be helped if I've got a ridiculous perm like this. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. Sorachi is the one you should pointing the fingers at, not me! And in my defense, the only crime here is the prosecution's sense of fashion. This guy's so metro, he could set a freakin' iceberg on fire.

A man with dead eyes like yours has no room to give criticism. I happen to like metrosexual individuals...when they are not singing rock music.

The audience is not allowed to talk anymore.

Hold on a second, I prefer blue!

((ISLAND COURT. Everyone can be a witness and make things worse!! YAY. Klavier | Gintoki | Zura. WHERE ARE MY LAWYERS, also where are you Gintama trolls *_*?!

ETA: ... TOO MUCH INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATIONS IN THIS POST. I am going to have to stop tagging for now, feeling really tired! ;w;))
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[Confusion from the strange, new people aside, Gash is very excited.]

Ahaha-! There sure are a lot of cool faces!

[Hey, he might even run up and introduce himself to those he hasn't seen before-- seeing as he's always curious.


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With this influx of people, perhaps I should be hospitable...

Would anyone of our recent visitors like to play any board games for a small time? We have a variety of games to choose from and they have the instructions written out next to them. I apologize if you are unable to read them.

I have set tables and chairs out so that you can come and play at anytime.

Please try and leave everything where it was before when you finish.

((ooc: Do you have some weird board game idea you came up with you want to screw around with? Do you just want to play Monopoly? Come here and play with your friends and enemies... in text. Also, calling all and any Haruhi people?))
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No, don't fall asleep, prinnies! You have to wake up! W-we MUST stay awake!

[Close by Laharl's hut is a garden of flowers, where a sleepy Flonne and prinny squad are hanging around the perimeter]

With this many people here, someone might accidentally step on my flowers! The snow ruined my first garden... I don't want to lose my new one already!

So, to protect these innocent and defenseless flowers, we have to stay awake, no matter what!


...I wonder why there's so many people here all of a sudden anyways?


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